"Bumping into An Ex" JayFluent

Just a few short thoughts.

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"Girls like Assholes" JayFluent

My thoughts

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"How to Treat a Girl Right" JayFluent


Every girl deserves to be treated a certain way

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"An Easy Way To Get Someone’s Number" JayFluent

So you find yourself getting nervous when you talk to that special someone. You want to get their number and you just dont know how or get scared when you’re talking to them in person. Here is a simple and easy systematic way to get the digits.

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Baby, I could really get to know you….

in the mood to lipsync lol

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"How to Treat A Guy Right" JayFluent

How you ladies should treat your fellas.

What do you want the next topic to be?

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"My Nationality" JayFluent

I’ve been getting asked alot….

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"Long Distance Relationships" JayFluent

Absence sharpens love; presence strengthens it

"Random Vlog - Just made a Short Film" JayFluent 

Be on the lookout for the “More than friends” skit. I’m going to edit it tonight. No sleep.

"More Than Friends" JayFluent

When it comes to falling for a friend, you just have to take the risk and not let the doubts blow away your hope.

Sometimes fate molds friendships into a gradual love, one that is rarely ever expressed. What if those feelings translated into action and blossomed into a beautiful bond that transcended friendship? If we escaped the norms of our minds and acted upon impulse instead of constant thought, how would they react to our love? Are we willing to take that risk? Will they be the “Friend”, the “Lover” or the “Lost”? I guess only time can tell.

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"My Struggle" JayFluent

When I was on Tumblr, a video opened my eyes. It made me realize that I wasn’t the only one with a problem. Here is my story. Here is my struggle.

Please share my story so that others like me can hear the message….

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"Lunar Eclipse" Poem

by Young Flip (JayFluent)

And I love the way she’s looking at me
Like I matter, I could express my less than threes ♥
And she’s more refreshing than a summer breeze
I love the way she loves me, loving her when she’s loving me
Well that’s a tongue twister, her love got me tongue tied
I could live without her, well that’d be a lie
And it’s a fact, without you my heart would stop, heart attack
She got so many options with the quarterback
Even when she wakes, her beauty is that of a queen,
I guess it’s cause you just hopped right out my dream
And people ask what kind of love is this,
A rare beautiful love, call it a lunar eclipse

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"It’s So Fluffy"  JayFluent’s Little Sister 

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"Don’t Fish For Compliments" JayFluent

I might sound like an asshole for saying it, but you thought about it too. Fishing for compliments. Something you shouldn’t do.

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"In A Bad Mood Don’t Talk to Me" JayFluent

When people’s status is "I’m in a bad mood, dont hit me up" ummm no one was gonna hit you up anyways.

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